FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman


The Educational Package is a 4-Disc DVD Boxed Set (see below for more detailed information), which includes:

  1. 1. FLYING six-chapter film (2-Disc Set)
  2. 2. Educational Excerpts (2-Disc Set)
  3. 3. Companion Discussion Guide to FLYING.
The Educational Package was developed as a way to further investigate the questions raised by Jennifer Fox and the ensemble cast of FLYING. This innovative 4 Disc Boxed Set is designed to help teachers maximize the film's use in the classroom with ease. The aim of the Educational Package is to reach young women and men, college age and above, to further examine issues of gender in the world today.


The Educational Excerpts DVD set is a collection of excerpts from the six-chapter film arranged to further examine and learn more about specific issues. Each excerpt runs from 3 minutes to 25 minutes is categorized under specific topics such as:

  1.   Abortion
  2.   Divorce
  3.   Domestic Violence
  4.   Exploitation and Trafficking
  5.   Female Genital Mutilation
  6.   Illness and Mortality
  7.   Marriage
  8.   Motherhood
  9.   Mother/daughter Relationships
  10.   Sexual Abuse
  11.   Sexuality in India

Sophisticated on-screen questions follow each group of excerpts to assist in generating group discussion. In addition, the questions point participants to an expanded Discussion Guide where one can find context, history, debate and statistics pertaining to the topic as well as sample activities and resources for further study and action. For more detailed information, please visit the Discussion Guide section.

This Educational Excerpt DVD Set has been test marketed by a series of diverse academic professionals and can be used in multiple disciplines and settings on a college campus, as well as women's organizations and religious organizations beyond the college campus. By isolating the issues from the series, the DVD enables teachers to access examples quickly and showcase specific tools to help shape discussions, activities or projects.