FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman

Jennifer Fox is an internationally acclaimed, award winning producer/director and educator. Directing, producing, shooting, consulting and teaching non-fiction filmmaking around the world, she has endeavored to expand the boundaries of documentaries with films that address political subjects in unusually intimate ways. Her own work forges subtle new aesthetics and narrative strategies in the documentary tradition. For other directors, she has produced some of the most important documentaries of the last decade. In her teaching and lecturing, she has been foremost in encouraging young documentary makers to experiment with personal language and to shoot their own films.

Fox's own films investigate and experiment with the relationship of form to content and narrative to documentary, creating intimate portraits of individuals and families. Her first feature film, BEIRUT: THE LAST HOME MOVIE (Best Documentary and Best Cinematography, Sundance 1988) about a family in war-torn Beirut steals from feature fiction strategies and has been used in film theory and criticism classes as a model of innovation. The 1999 PBS/BBC/ARTE 10-part series AN AMERICAN LOVE STORY (Winner of a Gracie Award and included on the Ten Best Television Series list of that year by the New York Times and five other national publications), about an interracial family, mimics serial drama, and is considered to be one of the most comprehensive portraits of one family ever produced. The experience of breaking down walls and gaining access to worlds otherwise closed to a general population are utilized again in new ways in FLYING to expand the boundaries of the discussion over the position of women in the 21st century.

Over the years, Jennifer has taught at New York University, School of Visual Arts, and Film Video Arts in New York City. She regularly lectures in Universities across America and internationally and runs unique 1 - 10 day master-classes and workshops in documentary directing, shooting, and producing around the world. She designed and implemented a yearlong documentary training program in South Africa for the South African Broadcasting Company (SABC) and the Maurits Binger Institute in the Netherlands that resulted in the creation of 13 documentaries that aired on SABC in 2003 and played at festivals internationally. She has run training seminars for numerous documentary development initiatives, including those for the Sami people in Lapland funded by YLE-TV Finland (2003 & 2004), and for the Balkans, held in Romania, and funded by ARTE - TV France/Germany (2006 & 2007).

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