FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman

Jennifer Fox is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning director, producer, camerawoman, and educator who has been involved in countless documentaries over the last 25 years. Her first film, BEIRUT: THE LAST HOME MOVIE was released theatrically in nine countries and broadcast in 20 countries. It won seven international awards, including Best Documentary Film and Best Cinematography at the 1988 Cinema Du Reel Festival. She directed the groundbreaking ten hour PBS/BBC/ARTE television series AN AMERICAN LOVE STORY, which received a Gracie Award for Best Television Series and was named "One of the Top Ten Television Series of 1999" by The New York Times and five other major American papers. Her most recent work, the acclaimed, cutting edge, six-part film FLYING: CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN was made through a unique Danish-American co-production and was funded by the Danish Film Institute, TV-2 Denmark, BBC, ARTE, YLE-1, SBS, SVT, ICON & Humanist Channels Netherlands, and HBO - and was awarded a prestigious Creative Capital Grant. FLYING premiered at the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) in 2006 and the Sundance Film Festival in 2007 as Special Events as well as numerous other festivals, and recently completed a 20 city theatrical tour in North America before airing on the Sundance Channel, BBC, TV-2, SVT, and YLE in Summer 2008. Fox is currently preparing to edit a new feature documentary, filmed over twenty years, called LEARNING TO SWIM, co-produced with the Dutch Buddhist Television Network (BOS) and awarded a prestigious Hartley Film Foundation grant. Fox has executive produced many films including the award-winners: LOVE & DIANE; ON THE ROPES; DOUBLE EXPOSURE; PROJECT TEN: REAL STORIES FROM A FREE SOUTH AFRICA; COWBOYS, INDIANS, AND LAWYERS; and the recently released ABSOLUTELY SAFE? She has consulted on numerous documentaries, including SOUTHERN COMFORT and STONE READER. Fox is one of the subjects of two documentaries on filmmaking, THE HECK WITH HOLLYWOOD! and CINEMA VERITE, DEFINING THE MOMENT. She has lectured and taught master classes on filmmaking at universities, television stations, and for government training programs around the world.

Jennifer Fox’s expanded bio can be downloaded here.