FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman

Thank you to all who submitted - we were profoundly impressed by the amazing submissions we received. All of them were so terrific, we just couldn't decide which one we liked best! Finally we came to a decision: it's a tie! Congratulations to Suzie and Sandra, our 7th Episode Contest Winners!

Submitted by Suzie, Brooklyn, 05/30/2008

"Nightflight: Demimonde of a Feminist Auteur (Pts. I & II)"

Submitted by Sandra, Married, 40 Years-old, London, 03/27/2008

"I am a mum, a so called 'modern mum,' one of those who are mums & wife & student & professional & themselves... Maybe, as a result, I am none of those. Sometimes I am all of those. And most of the time I am looking for a balance between them all... Professionally I teach at university, and I also do a PhD about interactive documentaries. I am married to a French man that is also a 'modern' man: aiming for the perfect husband, perfect father and perfect professional award. It looks like we are the 'modern couple.' In reality we are jugglers: we are the jugglers of our 'modern' and 'free' world."

Submitted by Jon, San Francisco, 04/30/2008

"A conversation about sex and relationships in San Francisco."

Submitted by Lisa, Huntington Station, NY, 05/30/2008

"The Depressing Gourmet"

Kitchen Confessions: The Making of a Modern Female, London, 04/25/2008

"This very special recipe is a video response to FLYING: CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN by Jennifer Fox."

FLYING SWAN Day Party, New York, 03/29/2008

"The FLYING team and friends celebrate SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now Day) in the spirit of Jennifer Fox's film FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman."

Pass The Camera: Wild Flying Dove, New York, 03/29/08

"The Tom Paxton song Harvey sang to Dulce the night they met, thirty-one years ago."

Pass The Camera: Thought Process and Gender, New York, 03/29/08

"Do women have a special language? What year did New York City see its first female fire fighter? Are women really different from men? These and other ideas are considered in this video."

Pass The Camera: The Secret (part one), New York, 03/29/08

"Harvey and Sharon share their very different love stories."

Pass The Camera: The Secret (part two), New York, 03/29/2008

"The experts agree that the right state of mind is essential when looking for love."

Pass The Camera: The Secret (part three), New York, 03/29/2008

"Sharon shares how her relationship has impacted her career."

Pass the Camera: We Don't Care About Lindsey Lohan, New York, 03/29/2008

"A conversation about contemporary society and culture and how it effects women and men."

Pass the Camera: Hopes and Fears, New York, 03/29/2008

"Two girlfriends in their thirties share their hopes and fears and what makes them feel grounded."

Pass the Camera: Twenty-Seven Years, New York, 03/29/2008

"Francoise and Doug enjoy Passing The Camera and each other."

Pass the Camera: Passions (Part One), New York, 03/29/2008

"Talking with girlfriends and recognizing what makes you happy are just a couple of thoughts the women have on how to discover your passion."

Pass the Camera: Passions (Part Two), New York, 03/29/2008

"Women discuss how, as a female, there can be problems with following passions."

Pass the Camera: Choices, New York, 03/29/2008

"A discussion about adoption, abortion and other tough choices that stem from 'a woman's power.'"

Pass the Camera: Be True To Yourself (part one), New York, 03/29/2008

"A single message resounds as women share thoughts on dating, standards of beauty and double standards."

Pass the Camera: Be True To Yourself (part two), New York, 03/29/2008

"Can the decision to be true to oneself impact everything from self-image to global change?"

Pass the Camera: Getting To Know Each Other, New York, 03/29/2008

"Women share pieces of who they are in the Pass The Camera booth."

Pass the Camera: Aging is Beautiful, New York, 03/29/2008

"A discussion on age leads to a beautiful conclusion."

Pass the Camera: The Role of Sex Appeal, New York, 03/29/2008

"A discussion between a filmmaker and a film composer about using female sexuality in the entertainment industry."

Pass the Camera: Looking For Connection, New York, 03/29/2008

"A discussion about eye contact, honesty and struggles within."

Pass the Camera: Looking For Connection Through Art, New York, 03/29/2008

"The discussion of struggles within becomes a discussion about making art."

Pass the Camera: Sex and Diplomacy, New York, 03/29/2008

"Part One - A conversation about good and bad sex, and the importance of communication..."

Pass the Camera: What is Good Sex?, New York, 03/29/2008

"Part Two - A discussion about what constitutes good sex."

Pass the Camera: Losing Fear, New York, 03/29/2008

"Women discuss what it means to be strong and independent, and ponder the generational differences about what that means."

Pass the Camera: Hair On Our Feet?!, New York, 03/29/2008

"The ladies wonder about taboos and other peculiar things."

Pass the Camera: Supporting Women Artists, New York, 03/29/2008

"Supporting women is as simple as being a friend."

Submitted by Darah, New York, 01/31/2008

"The second part of my video, about how important it is to communicate, and how helpful it is to have a creative outlet."

Submitted by Darah, New Jersey, 01/21/2008

"I had the pleasure of talking with jazz singer Amy London about what it means to be a songwriter, a dedicated artist, and a woman. Does it take certain "male" qualities to be as prolific as Joni?"

Submitted by Darah, NY, NY, 01/20/2008

"Since I first heard of Flying back in June, I had been dying to see it. I felt so connected to the idea of a personal journey that is driven by the experiences and the learning from others. Turned out Flying was even more remarkable than I could have imagined. There is such a need for women to connect in these honest ways, and through the opportunities technology has given us, it is now all the more easy and therefore important.

This video only shows a glimpse of the relationship I have with my mother."

Submitted by Mara, Shari and Virginia, NY, NY, 10/02/2007

"Thank you so much for this amazing idea! After we ran out of space on my camera's memory card, we just sat there for a few minutes trying to decide when our next "Passing the Camera" session would be. Since my friends and I are so close, we decided we wanted to record at least one hour of conversation every few months as a sort of video time capsule of who we were at the time. We can't wait!"

Submitted by L & N, Brooklyn, NY, 09/27/2007

"We loved the film! It inspired us to open up! Thanks so much, Jen... We hope you continue to spread your message of freedom and empowerment!"

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