FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman

Watch a short history of "Passing the Camera":

Has anyone ever told you to hurry up and be somewhere while you are having a conversation with a good girl friend? You might say, "Just wait until I finish my cup of coffee!" That outsider might look into your cup bewildered and wonder how it can take 3 hours to finish a cup of coffee but you know you are having a conversation with a good female friend and these conversations are what keep you going. To the men out there, have you ever wondered what women really talk about for hours and hours? FLYING: CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN reveals the impact and nature of this secret world and secret language to those who don't understand.

You don't have to be a filmmaker or even want to be a filmmaker to try out "Passing the Camera" and investigate the rhythm and quality of your own conversations. You might just want to pick up the camera with your friends to see how you and your friends talk to each other. You may use it in order to research a particular topic, or to explore how it feels to use a camera and to see yourself on film, or maybe just to make a record of a particular moment in your life. This technique is especially useful if your objective is to bring the quality of "presence" into the conversation. This "presence" is what makes conversations meaningful because it means you are totally in the moment - feeling, receiving, perceiving - and not in the normal daze in which most of us live our lives. Many people say that the camera used in this way makes them "wake up" and become more attentive to the moment. If done properly and with the right intention, "Passing the Camera" creates a space that often gives both people the courage to ask questions they maybe normally wouldn't ask and reveal things about themselves that they normally wouldn't reveal. So you might want to use "Passing the Camera" if there is a particularly daunting subject that you want to discuss with someone in order to achieve more understanding. Whatever the reason you choose, "Passing the Camera" is always an eye opening experience!